Sales Tax


Tips and Tricks: Sales Tax Office

Sales Tax Office (STO) is CCH’s newest sales and use tax calculation software product. If help is needed, or questions arise, customer support specialists who know the ins and outs of STO are only a phone call away. Here are two favorite tips in answer to recent user questions:

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Seminar: Manage State Tax Nexus Risks

State budget crunches are resulting in increased tax enforcement, including tougher and more frequent audits. As they strive to get more taxpayers into the net of tax liabilities, states are also changing the rules of the nexus game — redefining “doing business in a state” in ways that make managing local and state tax compliance and transactions even more challenging for businesses.

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Simplify Sales Tax Compliance

Of all the many ways cloud computing can make the work of the corporate tax department easier, sales tax compliance might seem minor — but in fact, Software as a Service (SaaS) is ideal for this area of taxation. Sales tax calculations involve multiple real-time transactions from a variety of sources: retail systems, call centers, automated phone systems and online e-commerce solutions.

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