Sales Tax


Are you truly satisfied with your tax, accounting and compliance software?

Some software companies claim their products will simplify your workday, but they end up complicating it because the learning curve is insurmountable. No such worries with the CorpSystem suite of products, which help you keep pace with the demands of a constantly changing tax climate while optimizing your productivity by integrating with CCH’s research products.

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Saved: 864 Days a Year

How AmeriPride streamlined state tax compliance in its 36 offices for huge efficiency

Last time you had dinner at your favorite restaurant, you may have come in contact with AmeriPride, Inc. The Minnesota-based service company rents and launders uniforms, tablecloths and napkins to the hospitality industry, manufacturers and others who outsource textile supplies.

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Tips and Tricks: Sales Tax Office

Sales Tax Office (STO) is CCH’s newest sales and use tax calculation software product. If help is needed, or questions arise, customer support specialists who know the ins and outs of STO are only a phone call away. Here are two favorite tips in answer to recent user questions:

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