Virtual Tax Office Solutions for Tax Preparers

Why a Virtual Tax Office?

Cloud-based applications are quickly becoming the new norm for tax businesses looking to improve their productivity, reduce costs, ensure customer retention and gain new clients. Running a Virtual Tax Office enables you to complete your work remotely from any location worldwide, using any device connected to the internet: laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone. Whether you are exploring opportunities to increase your operational efficiency by utilizing the latest tax prep technology or you are simply looking to expand the reach of your physical office location, it’s important to take the time to understand all options available to you and recognize the positive impact of choosing the right tools.

Our Virtual Tax Office is powered by TaxWise® Online, a complete cloud-based tax prep solution that allows you to start, review and complete tax returns on-the-go — working as the primary Tax Preparer tool that enables your Virtual Tax Office to benefit from five major components:

TaxWise® Mobile

  • Taxpayer mobile-friendly interview
  • Potential new clients find your custom mobile site via social media posts, google search, or by visiting your website
  • Data entered in TaxWise Mobile flows into a tax return in TaxWise Online – automatically
  • The Tax Preparer completes the return; the Taxpayer can securely e-sign and track the tax return status in TaxWise Mobile

TaxWise® Online

  • Complete browser-based tax prep solution
  • No need to install, update or maintain software
  • Start, review, complete, and e-file tax returns
  • Easy access to prior years

Online Vault Document Storage

  • Files are stored in the TaxWise Online Vault with the tax return
  • Source documents (W2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • Picture IDs, receipts, supporting documents
  • Signed copies of tax returns


  • Secure way to sign tax returns electronically
  • Electronically sign any 1040 form, including 1040, 1040 PR, 1040 NR, 8878/8879
  • Options in TaxWise
    o In-Person signature
    o Remote signature with Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions
    o Select forms to electronically sign

Client Portal

  • Secure way to exchange documents over the internet
  • Files are stored and organized in the portal
  • Includes audit trail functionality for added security
  • Custom portal homepage with your business branding

Getting Started

Watch our 9-minute video overview for more insights and visit our Virtual Tax Office Solutions web page to learn more, register to attend a live product demo, and schedule a free consultation with a Solutions Consultant today.


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