Save Clients Time with New Collaboration Features

New features save clients time and keep projects on track

The latest release of CCH Axcess Client Collaboration includes several new features that will save clients time by making it easier to collect and deliver tax documentation to their accountants. With new Schedule C and Schedule E organizers, a simplified task list, electronic invoices, and a firm overview dashboard, firms get the information they need without over-burdening clients.

Tax time is not a time of year most clients look forward to. Most clients and small business owners are busy running their businesses. For clients, tax time is inconvenient, time-consuming, and sometimes even costly. When firms add value by saving clients time or money, they often generate repeat business as the client’s needs change. Providing clients with self-service tools that can automate repetitive or time-consuming steps is an effective, client-friendly strategy to free up time while improving client relationships.

Schedule C and Schedule C organizers

The latest release of CCH Axcess Client Collaboration includes new Schedule C and Schedule E Organizers. Clients can click into each business to view prior year details and provide current year numbers. They can easily add new businesses or rental properties or indicate when a business or property was disposed of. These organizers are a natural extension of the Client Collaboration tax organizer. The easily customizable organizer greatly reduces the number of questions clients must answer, resulting in higher adoption rates.

Simplified client task list

The client Task List has been simplified so that clients do not feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks. Clients can easily see the tasks they must complete, and the order they should be completed in. Progress indicators sync back to the firm dashboard, allowing the client and the firm to see progress in real-time. A new missing and open items option makes it easy for clients to see when the firm needs additional documentation.

Electronic invoice delivery and e-payments

Another client-friendly new feature is the addition of electronic invoice delivery and e-payments. Client Collaboration now provides firms the ability to electronically invoice clients, enabling e-payments through the firm’s chosen online payment provider. Surveys show that clients expect and prefer to pay electronically. Encouraging clients to pay for firm services online is also a key strategy for improving cashflow. Clients are more likely to pay sooner when presented the option to pay online versus mailing a paper check.

New firm overview dashboard

In addition to these time-saving improvements for clients, a brand-new firm overview dashboard provides firm management a visual view of client requests in their various stages of completion. The new dashboard provides the ability to drill down into any status to view or interact with client requests. This enables managers to more easily track work throughout their office or firm. With quick access to view overdue requests or reopen requests, staff can more quickly respond to clients’ needs.

Tax season isn’t challenging only for accountants; it can also be unpleasant for clients. By making it easier for clients to provide information to their accountants, CCH Axcess Client Collaboration not only saves time for accounting firms, but helps remove some of the burden from clients, while improving the relationship between clients and firms.

Firms that already use CCH Axcess Client Collaboration will automatically receive these new features, in time for the upcoming tax busy season. Other firms can learn more about this innovative, award-winning solution by visiting and signing up for a live web demonstration.


Damon Russel

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