When Tax Preparers Move to the Cloud, Clients Benefit

Using the right cloud tax preparation software allows you to provide better customer service. Here are 7 advantages for your clients.

At the early onset of the pandemic, many tax preparers went fully remote and used their cloud-based software to work from anywhere, anytime. Other tax preparers used the lockdowns and need for physically distancing as a reason to finally make the move.

Both types of tax preparers are benefiting from being able to use the features in TaxWise® Online to provide their clients with amazing service that helps tax preparers attract and retain customers in a competitive industry. This is why your clients will thank you:

1. TaxWise Online provides you with anytime, anywhere access — and makes that easy convenience available to your clients too. They can get their documents anytime they need them because documents are stored securely in the Vault document solution. With TaxWise Online, they also can share a secure link to specific documents with their mortgage broker or other approved recipient instead of downloading them and resorting to risky email.

2. Even better, TaxWise® Mobile makes filling out the tax interview super easy for your clients, something they can finish in five to 10 minutes.

It’s simple, easy, secure and convenient. Using TaxWise Mobile, your clients can securely upload images of their documents, like their W-2 and mortgage statements, by simply snapping a picture with their smartphone. That’s the type of ease and convenience that many of today’s customers expect in a tax return, since they can do this with their bank and almost anything else in today’s online, instant-access environment. 

“It’s hard to engage millennials without being remote and offering mobile solutions, like TaxWise Mobile. And that’s your future. They want beautiful apps and easy access,” says tax preparer Jasmine Dabbs, whose office completes more than 600 tax returns a year. Learn how Jasmine creates profitable businesses with TaxWise Online.

3. With eSignature, your taxpayers can sign the return from any device from the comfort of their home or while out and about. As part of the security, before your customers can access their returns, they need to answer security questions that only they would know to prove their identity. Then, after signing, their signed return is securely transmitted and stored.

4. TaxWise Online allows you to respond to a customer’s question right away, since you can access your client’s tax information from any device, including your smartphone. You can answer questions on the go.

5. Your customers can easily see the status of their tax return at any time by logging into TaxWise. Also, TaxWise provides an estimate of their expected return early in the tax interview, meaning they can get a pretty good idea of what to expect right away.

6. TaxWise is available in Spanish. With the Hispanic market becoming an ever-bigger potential customer base, we’ve created an easy solution for you, where customers fill out their tax interview in Spanish, while you do their return in English.

7. TaxWise Online also integrates easily with a variety of contactless payment solutions. So, if you are looking for options on how to receive tax preparation fees, we have you covered.

No matter what our current reality looks like during and after the pandemic, one thing is sure: Clients want and need their tax preparation to be accurate, secure and easy. They also want to know they can get answers to their questions when they have them. We’ve built TaxWise Online to deliver the industry’s leading tax preparation solution with superior functionality, accuracy, security, convenience and ease of use, while providing you with a dedicated and reliable partner you can trust.

Learn how to better service clients with TaxWise or call us at 800-345-4171 to learn more about using an online tax preparation software.

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