Reduce Tax Season Compression with 250+ Enhancements for Tax Year 2020 in CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration!

The Wolters Kluwer team continues to enhance CCH Axcess Client Collaboration with over 250 new features developed with customer input. The December release focuses on reducing tax season compression and enabling frictionless collaboration between firms and their clients. With more personalized organizers, year-round document gathering, and secure, two-way messaging firms can reduce the headaches and time spent going back and forth with clients to collect all the data they need during busy season.  

Because most tax work happens between mid-January and mid-April, many firms struggle to balance work the rest of the year. This inefficiency takes its toll on staff morale and firm profitability. Firms may hire temporary staff or file extensions to gain more time, but these workarounds don’t solve the core problem. Clients who meet with the firm only during tax season are not receiving the best that firms have to offer. More client-friendly strategies for managing tax season compression include Improving collaboration with clients and automating non-value-added tasks. 

Fully integrated 8879 eSign process

With the latest releases of CCH Axcess Client Collaboration, firms can now offer clients a fully integrated 8879 eSign process. Clients are notified when it’s time to review and sign their return. Then, after clicking the link to sign their return, clients will review the return and electronically sign Form 8879 via AssureSign’s Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) system. After signing, the client returns to the CCH Axcess Client Collaboration hub. The integrated 8879 eSign process reduces the headache of multiple follow-ups and reminders. The client simply logs into Client Collaboration and can easily understand what needs to be done next. 

Secure two-way messaging

In addition, the new secure two-way messaging feature gives clients and staff a central area to communicate. Responsible staff are notified when new messages come in, so they can minimize response time. Since messages are saved in the Client Collaboration hub, they are available for any staff that needs to see them, rather than buried in one person’s email inbox or phone messages. 

Year-round data gathering

Encouraging clients to stay in contact throughout the year is a key strategy for improving collaboration. Intended for year-round data-gathering, the Document Locker file exchange system gives clients a secure area to store their documents tied to a 1040 request. Firm and client users can upload documents and add tags to make files easier to find at any time. Users can filter files several ways, and can even combine filters for more granularity. The Document Locker is an ideal place to store documents as they become available throughout the year, reducing the scramble to find receipts and documentation at the last minute. 

We’ve heard from our customers that they spend too much time on endless rounds of email and phone tag to gather the information they need from clients each year. CCH Axcess Client Collaboration gives firms and their clients the tools they need to work together more effectively and efficiently. With over 250 enhancements for Tax Year 2020, we are focused on improving firms’ tax workflows on many fronts.

Simple, frictionless client service

CCH Axcess Client Collaboration makes it simple for firms to provide the level of service their clients expect. Because client data is stored in the CCH Axcess common client database, firms don’t need to do additional client set-up. Using only a browser, firms can create, customize, and send organizers individually or in batches. Clients can easily upload documents, ask and answer questions and sign off on engagement letters and forms. And the firm-branded interface enhances the firm’s reputation by reinforcing the firm’s logo and branding at each client touchpoint. The new features encourage clients to stay in touch all year long and make it easier and less time-consuming to follow up with clients during busy season.

Firms that already use CCH Axcess Client Collaboration will automatically receive the new features in releases leading up to tax busy season. Other firms can learn more about this innovative, award-winning solution by visiting and signing up for a live web demonstration.  


Damon Russel

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