CCH Axcess iQ Best Practices Consulting helps find the ‘needle in the haystack’

Rapid technological changes are disrupting the core businesses of many tax-focused accounting firms. This is particularly true for firms that specialize in compliance services.   However, CCH Axcess iQ is the perfect tool to help make the transition from commodity-based services to value-added services. And the new CCH Axcess iQ Best Practices Consulting helps you make the most of this predictive intelligence solution.

Specifically, CCH Axcess iQ searches tax law and regulatory changes and locates the clients most like to be impacted. It creates ‘events,’ and populates them in your CCH Axcess Dashboard. Then you can click on the event to see a list of clients that may be affected. 

CCH Axcess iQ leverages CCH AnswerConnect’s powerful research tools with specific research discussions and client letters. In addition, it provides links to more detailed research tools, journals and articles specific to that event.

CCH Axcess iQ Best Practices Consulting

Our team of experts with significant public accounting experience and expertise will help you develop practical implementation processes specific to your firm’s size and resources. Let us help you develop step by step processes including monitoring, review and benchmarking to ensure that your investment in the software has quantifiable returns in revenue. We can also show you how to build goodwill with existing clients on specific non-revenue generating events. 

Additionally, firms can use CCH Axcess iQ events to generate traffic to the firm’s website through social media and blogs.  

Best Practice Deliverables

We will help you develop a ‘champions team’ to implement CCH Axcess iQ with recommended agendas, benchmarks, processes, flow charts and other tools necessary to have a GREAT  implementation. As a result, your firm can benefit from increased revenues, client engagement, and much improved social media and web content.

For more information about CCH Axcess iQ Best Practices Consulting, contact your solutions consultant or call 800-739-9998, option 1.


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