CCH Axcess Client Collaboration Enhancements Help Firms Customize and Personalize Tax Organizers

We’ve heard from our customers that they need the ability to customize organizers for different groups of clients. After all, the convenience of digital organizers is lost if clients won’t fill them out. That’s why our latest set of CCH Axcess Client Collaboration enhancements enable firms to customize and personalize the tax organizers they send to clients. We’ve made the client organizer easy to tailor to specific client needs, and as a result, it’s easier for clients to complete. With more personalized organizers, firms can reduce the headaches and time spent going back and forth with clients to collect all the data they need during busy season.

Client Collaboration enhancements eliminate one-size-fits-all organizers

Many firms struggle to get clients to provide timely responses to requests for information. And when they send organizers to clients, they often experience low completion rates. When different clients have distinct needs, a one-size-fits-all organizer presents clients with irrelevant document requests and extraneous questions. This can leave clients feeling overwhelmed or even resentful.

With the latest CCH Axcess Client Collaboration enhancements, firms can now create custom questions and questionnaire templates. There are three types of custom questions – Yes/No, Amount and Text. For Yes/No questions firms can also choose to add a matching Document Request List item. Question templates support up to 50 questions/headings, and firms can group questions under section headings and in folders up to 4 levels deep.

In addition, firms can now create blank organizers for new clients and clients without prior year returns. Because firms may need different documentation for clients without a prior year return in the system, a default system-generated Document Request List template is now provided for these clients.

Another new client-centric feature is the ability to invite or un-invite a taxpayer’s spouse. Invited spouses can upload and download files and participate in the 1040 workflow. However, the firm can easily un-invite the spouse if needed so that they cannot access the taxpayer’s information.

Creating organizers with CCH Axcess Client Collaboration is simple. Because client data is stored in the CCH Axcess common client database, firms don’t need to do any additional work to set up clients. In fact, using only a browser, firms can create, customize and send organizers individually or in batches. After clients complete the organizer, firms can package and send everything to the CCH ProSystem fx Scan Funnel, which can then automate the flow of data into the tax return in CCH Axcess Tax using CCH AutoFlow technology.

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Firms that already use CCH Axcess Client Collaboration will automatically receive the new features during the next update. Other firms can learn more about this innovative, award-winning solution by visiting and signing up for a live web demonstration.


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