Stepping up to cloud document management

This week, Jody Padar’s CCH Axcess Tour features CCH Axcess Document. This full-featured cloud document management system gives you access to all of your documents, wherever you are.

Here’s Jody talking about how her firm uses CCH Axcess Document to keep track of all their documents, including an audit trail of changes:

“Want to know who moved something? Who edited something?” Jody asks. “You have the ability to see that. If you’ve ever worked with someone who thought they could do something and no one would find out about it, that’s no longer the case because you can watch what staff members are doing.”

A true cloud document management system is vital to managing your documents efficiently and securely. Learn more about how CCH Axcess is helping Jody’s firm move forward. Download her white paper, “CCH Axcess: Tour of a Seamless Technology.”


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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