Online Audit Learning in Full Swing

Summer is almost over, but online audit learning is in full swing. As the summer winds down and we get ready to gear up for the 4th quarter and for our busy season, now is the perfect time to get your new hire staff that last stretch of training! Baseball analogies aside, the year 2020, has been one of significant changes and upheavals that we would have never thought possible. While the more experience staff members of your firm are impacted your new staff have felt it the most. The days of physically sitting down next to a co-worker and helping them walk through particularly difficult areas seems to be a thing of the past. We must adapt to the changing workplace and change the way we do training.

Online Audit Learning with the School of Audit

Work from home, remote auditing and virtual auditing, techniques we would have not employed in the past. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the movement of the auditing profession toward using remote techniques to complete audit and attestation services. Remote auditing has always been a challenging topic for the profession, because of the long-standing belief that auditors may be more likely to discover fraud, simple mistakes and errors when they visit a site. Remote auditing techniques do present a  great challenge for seasoned auditors, imagine how a new staff must feel without that physical presence of a senior or supervisor advising them throughout the day!

That is why, an emphasis on training is particularly necessary in this environment. We as practitioners must take extra care that we are following the standards, completing risk assessment and using all the technology and tools at our disposal.

Here is how the Wolters Kluwer School of Audit can help!

School of Audit – New Hire Staff Web Based

One of our role-based programs focuses on the challenges that new hire staff will experience in their first year of audit. This program also introduces the new staff to the Wolters Kluwer Integrated Audit Approach.  Best of all we offer this as a web-based program!

This three-day program is designed for new hires and focuses on the following areas:

  • Professional expectations for the public accounting industry and for entry-level staff
  • Introduction to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, Knowledge Coach and the Knowledge Based Audit Methodology, part of our integrated audit approach
  • Case studies revolving around low-risk audit areas, including, but not limited
  • to, cash, fixed assets and accounts payables..
  • Discussion on audit methodology and the new risk assessment requirements
  • Introduction to our data extraction tool TeamMate Analytics.           

Summer is winding down and we are beginning to ramp up for our busy season. Let’s not let our new staff strike out their first time at bat! Online audit learning is alive and well at Wolters Kluwer School of Audit. Sign up your new staff now!


Joam Singh

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