Prepare PCR Engagements in the Cloud

CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach PCR

This week, the award-winning , cloud-based CCH Axcess™ tax preparation, compliance, audit and workflow platform added a new solution. That solution is CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach PCR. Specifically, firms that do not perform audits but do perform preparation, compilation or review (PCR) engagements will benefit. The new solution:

  • One, tailors practice aids based on the characteristics of the firm and the client.
  • Two, enables accountants to complete their work entirely in the cloud.
  • Three, drives greater collaboration, improved quality and efficiency, and access to PCR engagements from anywhere.

Because preparation, compilation or review engagements are often repetitive ones, and performed for smaller clients, they require a streamlined workflow. With CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach PCR, information flows throughout the forms where needed. Also, it monitors these engagements for completeness and compliance. Moreover, it does all that while allowing the accountant to exercise professional judgment. Additional benefits include:

  • First, improved speed.
  • Second, clarity about where to start.
  • Third, contextual diagnostics.
  • And more!


In summary, CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach PCR focuses the process on the accountant’s judgment, covering the entire end-to-end workflow. Further, that maximizes efficiencies and guides firms to a higher quality output. Moreover, all without overworking or underworking. Fact is, this unique approach tailors the work for each client, which facilitates informed decisions.

Cathy Rowe, CPA, CA and Director of Accounting and Audit Product Management at Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting North America says, “CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach PCR lets auditors leave behind inefficient tools. Those that require manual data entry and redundant processes due to outdated technology. Another building block in our Integrated Audit Approach, this solution helps firms realize the full benefits of our Knowledge-Based Methodology, a dynamic process developed specifically for firms that focus on audit, preparation, compilation or review engagements, all with ease of use in mind.”

So, the question is this. Wouldn’t you like to streamline your prep, comp and review engagements? Then, learn more about CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach today. Visit our website.


Wendy Cable

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