Is Now the Time to Move to Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology

Indeed, cloud technology has been a hot topic for many years. However, due to the direct impact of Covid-19, firms are now realizing the value of cloud-based solutions. Fact is, a single sentence can define the power of cloud technology. There is no need to physically be in an office to access needed applications and data!

Even with a simple, logical statement like that, though, many firms are not yet in the cloud. So, when the pandemic hit, many firms scrambled to transition their workforce to working remotely. Unfortunately, many of those firms also struggled with connectivity back to their office servers. 

To that end, Accounting Today’s July digital article titled, The Pros and Cons of Moving to the Cloud*, addresses this topic. Notably, the article contains important points a firm should consider when investigating moving to the cloud. This blog shares some of those points.

Cloud technology considerations -pros

To start, when considering a move to the cloud, firms must ponder both the pros and cons of the transition.  First, cloud-based solutions provide anywhere/anytime access to the firm’s applications and data.  So, firm’s using cloud solutions before the pandemic easily transitioned to working from home without disruption during tax season.  For those firms, that included solutions like the CCH Axcess Suite™, including CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep and CCH Axcess™ Tax. The CCH Axcess cloud-based suite delivers a powerful set of innovative features. Ones specifically designed to make the tax and accounting industry more efficient and profitable.

Additionally, the lack of physical hardware required is another advantage of cloud technology, and that makes upgrading easier.  Alternatively, maintaining on-premise servers is costly and requires staff with the proper technical skills to maintain those servers.  At the beginning of this pandemic, many firms struggled with this because they had to rely on remote connectivity back to office servers.  Moreover, their staffs’ home internet connections also directly impacted the connectivity performance.  However, with cloud technology, upgrades are seamless. Furthermore, any concern of your servers becoming obsolete and preventing the ability to upgrade goes away.

Cloud technology considerations -cons

Obviously, we need to discuss what cons to consider as well.  To start, the biggest con is the need for a stable high-speed connection.  Amazingly, there are still many areas in the US and across the world today that do not have reliable internet connectivity.  Clearly, an internet connection is key when moving to the cloud, including:

  • The connection available to staff when in the office.
  • The connection available to each staff person when working remotely from home.


To conclude, many factors play into a firm’s decision to move away from on-premise solutions to cloud-based ones. Nonetheless, if Covid-19 has taught us anything, having anywhere/anytime access to critical applications and data allows your firm the flexibility to work remotely without any change to expected productivity and realizations. To learn more about the CCH Axcess Suite, visit our website.



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