5 Ways to Improve Your Existing Marketing Strategies

Marketing tactics to implement today

Let’s face it—business owners are always thinking about growing their businesses. And, it usually takes a considerable amount of effort to do so, but we have some tactics you can start implementing today.

Proven marketing methods

Here are 5 ways to improve your existing marketing strategies:

1.     Evaluate your competition

Once you’ve identified your main competition, gather as much information about them as possible. Review their services and compare them to your own, ideally by calling and asking them a list of preset questions. You don’t have to match what they’re doing, but you want to understand where you can add value for new prospects and existing customers.

2.     Track your marketing campaigns

You may think you’ve implemented the best marketing strategies to keep traffic coming in the door. However, many preparers come up short for one key reason—they don’t track their efforts. Instead of monitoring marketing campaigns on paper, use a tax software that offers a “Preparer Use Form” and set a required field to ask how they heard about you, along with promo codes to track which strategies are most effective.

3.     Survey your current customers

What do you know about your customers and their needs? And, how well are you meeting those needs? A great time to collect this information is during tax prep or while they’re waiting in the lobby. Find out what their primary needs are, what services they want, and the ideal way to deliver solutions to them. Ask actionable and quantifiable questions. For example, how did you hear about us? Or would you like an option to complete your taxes from the comfort of your home?

4.     Establish a referral program

Happy customers spread the word to friends and colleagues. A referral program is an organic way to promote your business, but you must adequately incentivize satisfied customers. When you’re thinking about how much your referral incentive should be, consider the lifetime value of a new prospect. If they’re happy with your services, they could stay a customer for 15 years or more, which is worth a pricy incentive payout to the person who led them your way.

5.     Try one new marketing idea and track it

Determine the kinds of customers you want to attract, where you’ll find them online and in real life and then think outside the box! Need some inspiration to get started? Google marketing ideas or tax preparation marketing. Pick one idea to try and, of course, to track.

For a deeper dive into each of these topics, watch our live webinar here!

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