Wolters Kluwer’s Continuing Audit Education Adds Value

The value of continuing audit education from the School of Audit

During the first few months of each year our lives go on hold as we take care of our clients needs.  As auditors, we understand that. However, if you think that your employees are too busy to care about continuing audit education, think again. Notably, a key reason for employee turnover is lack of growth opportunities. For that reason, investing in your auditors’ ongoing continuing audit education is an important step in both growing your business and employee retention.

Additionally, by making that investment, your firm gains major benefits like:

  • One, a highly skilled workforce. Skilled employees bring new ideas and creativity to the job.
  • Two, upgraded technology skills. Firms need to be ready and prepared for the rapidly changing landscapes among clients.
  • Three, employee retention improves. Firms that invest in skills development for employees stand a better chance of retaining their staff. Also, employee moral and job satisfaction improve.
  • Four, reduced costs. Increased job proficiency leads to higher realization rates, fewer mistakes and reduced downtime.

And, here is how the School of Audit helps!

CCH Learning and Development Academy – School of Audit

Our CCH Learning and Development Academy – School of Audit offers unique role-based programs designed for all levels of your audit staff.

New Hire course

First, the New Hire course teaches audit basics common to first-year staff. This course includes:

  • Professional expectations
  • Understanding the engagement process
  • Field work best practices
  • Industry terminology
  • Documentation and software skills

Experienced Staff course

Second, the Experienced Staff course covers more advanced and complex material. This course includes topics like:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Debt

Additionally, this course includes the following software training:

  • TeamMate Analytics introduction
  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement advanced functionality

Senior Staff course

Third, the Senior Staff course takes staff through the entire audit process from planning , to fieldwork and the wrap up of each audit.

Experience Senior course

Fourth, the Experienced Senior course teaches how to:

  • Conduct accounting research using CCH Accounting Research Manager
  • Write technical memos
  • Understand the basis of auditing more complex areas like stock-based compensation, derivatives, fair value measurements and disclosures

One-of-a-kind continuing audit education

In summary, our School of Audit offers continuing audit education perfect for EVERYONE on your staff. Thanks to these three things the School of Audit is unlike any other training option available.

  • Unique role-based structure
  • Technical audit knowledge training
  • Hands-on software training

Moreover, attendees leave with instilled confidence that they did not have prior to the course. And, THAT is what truly separates your firm from the competition. Afterall, attracting and retaining top talent by promoting continuing audit education will prepare your staff to succeed in this ever-changing business environment.

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