Business continuity tools during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

As the impact of the coronavirus (COVID 19) continues to evolve, millions of Americans are adjusting to their “new normal” by working from home and practicing social distancing. A number of states and municipalities have ordered their citizens to stay home, except for necessary services such as grocery stores and pharmacies. As a result, many businesses are looking for ways to ensure business continuity in these uncertain times.

We recognize that some firms could experience unexpected staffing shortages, increasing the workload of remaining staff. For most firms, staff themselves are still adjusting to working from home. And now many of us must find new ways to interact with and collaborate with our clients in a way that supports social distancing. Cloud technologies enable staff and taxpayers to do their work from home, or anywhere else with an active Internet connection. These technologies may help firms ease the transition to working from home. Cloud technologies also enable firms to more easily collaborate with their clients, securely and from a safe distance. 

With the extension of tax season until July 15, 2020, we recognize that some firms may now be looking for quick solutions they can implement to allow for business continuity of service to their clients, while allowing clients to stay in their homes. We have prepared the following list to help these firms. 

CCH Axcess™ Portal 

CCH Axcess Portal can be quickly set up and configured to allow your firm to securely share files with clients. Portal supports bi-directional file sharing. That means your clients can send source documents to you, and you can deliver their tax return to them. Portal integrates with both CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH Axcess™ Tax, allowing you to share returns with taxpayers. When using Portal, there is no need for clients to visit the office, supporting social distancing efforts.  

To learn more about CCH Axcess Portal, click here

CCH® eSign 

It’s still commonplace for at least some clients to come into the office to review and sign their tax return. Under the rules of this new normal, though, it is better for clients to stay at home. However, they still need to be able to sign their tax returns. CCH® eSign allows clients to review their tax return online and to sign Form 8879 electronically from the safety and comfort of their home. 

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan with AutoFlow technology 

ProSystem fx Scan will read, identify, and bookmark each client document so you can easily find and access the information you need. When you add AutoFlow technology, most of the data is pushed into the 1040 or 10401 tax return automatically, giving preparers a jump-start on the tax preparation process. For many returns, the tax preparer acts like the first reviewer because so much data has automatically flowed into the tax return. Using Scan with AutoFlow technology, your firm can process more 1040 and 1041 returns with fewer resources. Scan is available in a SaaS deployment model for a quick deployment. 

To learn more about CCH ProSystem fx Scan with AutoFlow technology, click here

CCH® ProSystem fx® Outsource 

If your firm needs additional resources, our tax preparation outsourcing service helps you cut costs by up to 60 percent. ProSystem fx Outsource supplements and streamlines your in-house tax return processing with highly trained onshore and offshore tax professionals. 

To learn more about ProSystem fx Outsource, click here

CCH Axcess™ Document Share Safe 

If your firm is licensed for CCH Axcess Document, then the included Share Safe feature can be used to both deliver files to clients as well as to request files from clients. Using our plug-in to Microsoft® Office, you can send clients an email with a secure link to the Share Safe website where they can send or retrieve files. There is no additional charge to use Share Safe; it is included with the Document subscription.  

To learn more about using Share Safe, click here

As we all learn to adjust to our new normal, Wolters Kluwer is here to help provide business continuity solutions for you and your clients. We offer these solutions that can be deployed quickly so you can better serve your clients from a safe distance.  

Wolters Kluwer is right by your side to help you stay up to date with tax and compliance changes and support your ability to work remotely. Please visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page for Tax & Accounting Professionals.


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