Choosing the right accounting software package

Technology is constantly changing, and CPA firms are looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes. Often this includes a discussion on the technology and software applications used within the firm. All firms at some point in time must decide on the best accounting software package for their firm. A firm may decide to migrate when a software provider sunsets its previous package. Or the firm may want to explore newly available technologies. Whatever the reason, firms must understand what each software package can offer and what will be the cost of change.

Making the switch to a new accounting software package can be a daunting task. Knowing what options the new application has to offer to assist in the transition is key. Did you know that CCH ProSystem fx Engagement offers you the ability to import not only from Microsoft Excel but also from several other accounting software packages Using our import conversion wizard, you can import the trial balance (including all historical balances) as well as all financial statement and tax groupings ensuring that you do not have to redo all the work done in the previous software application. This saves countless hours by avoiding manual importing and regrouping in the new application.

Making the migration easier

CCH ProSystem fx Engagement also offers APIs for managing clients, binders, staff, workpapers and trial balances. APIs can help a firm migrate from one accounting system to another by automating the creation of clients, binders and staff within the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement application.  Firms can also use the workpaper API to move their workpapers from the previous accounting system directly into the corresponding binder in Engagement.

Conversion tools such as the import conversion wizard and the APIs are what can help pave the way for a firm’s smooth transition to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.

The integrated audit approach

CCH Prosystem fx Engagement is the only product on the market with a truly integrated audit approach.  The Integrated Audit Approach focuses the audit process on auditor judgment. This facilitates their ability to make informed decisions. It also ensures that the audit is tailored for your client, always linking to the assessed risk and work performed. The unique approach combines:

  • the dynamic content-driven tools of CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach
  • the efficiency of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, CCH® Audit Accelerator and TeamMate® Analytics
  • the comprehensive content of CCH® Accounting Research Manager®

As you can see, CCH ProSytem fx Engagement offers tools to help minimize a firm’s cost of conversion.  Beyond that, once implemented it provides the firm a truly integrated audit approach focusing on the end to end workflow to maximize efficiencies and guide the firm to a higher quality audit without over or under auditing.


Kim Conaway

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