Save time during busy season with predictive intelligence

Advanced technologies like predictive intelligence may seem futuristic, over-hyped or just irrelevant. However, these technologies are already in use in many accounting firms and are providing daily benefits for future-focused firms. Predictive intelligence has the potential to help firms transform beyond simple tax compliance and achieve lofty growth ambitions. But it can also help firms with everyday efficiencies that will save time during busy season. Here’s how.

Spend less time on research

The pace of change for tax laws has been unprecedented. With new rulings and guidance coming out all the time, understanding and applying the law can be very time-consuming. And even worse, the risk of missing something is very high. A predictive intelligence tool like CCH Axcess iQ can help you spot which legislative changes have affected each client this year. With an easy-to-understand dashboard, you can see which changes are affecting the most clients. And you can easily access comprehensive research information in just a click or two.

Know where to focus

Depending on a client’s situation, you may want to spend more time researching or reviewing certain areas of the return. By using CCH Axcess iQ, you can see which tax law changes might impact your client. That helps you identify areas of the return that may need additional attention. You might also use this information to recognize returns with increased complexity, so you can assign that return to a more senior preparer.

Help clients understand

Tax laws can be complex, and clients often have a lot of questions. But every minute you spend explaining tax law to a client is time you could spend getting caught up. That’s why CCH Axcess iQ includes client letter templates that you can use to Help clients understand how changes in the tax law have affected their return. You can modify the text as needed to provide the right level of detail for your client.

You can save time during busy season and beyond with predictive intelligence. Download the ebook, “3 ways predictive intelligence can help modernize your firm” to learn more about how it works.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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