Enhance Client Connections

Welcome to January! Also, welcome to busy season!  Notably, top of mind for all audit professionals right now is how to:

  • First, juggle multiple engagements
  • Second, provide quality client service
  • Third, achieve the other two while remaining profitable

Moreover, strong client collaboration is required to accomplish the above – including aligning expectations on what is required and when. Interestingly, for CCH ProSystem fx® Engagement users, a solution for that already exists. That solution is Engagement Organizer.

Engagement Organizer

Namely, this cloud-based “PBC list” is fully customizable and you share it with your client.  Furthermore, brand new in 2020, you can easily configure all the documents your client shares with you so that they automatically show in your engagement binder. Additionally, using the new ‘binder queue’ feature, the process is as simple as counting to three.

Binder Queue

To illustrate, in the Binder Queue, simply define the ‘Engagement Workpaper Properties’ prior to sending documents to the binder. Then, just add documents as ‘new’ workpapers within tabs of the binder. Alternatively, documents can replace a ‘placeholder’ or ‘manual’ workpaper instead of adding as ‘new’.

To continue, this screenshot is an Engagement Organizer example. First, notice the clean look and feel of the screen. Then notice the ‘send’ buttons, which demonstrates how easy it is to get documents from the Organizer into the client’s Engagement binder. Finally, notice how easy it is to spot dates on the screen, both in the top left and top right.


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re already a CCH ProSystem fx® Engagement user and aren’t using Engagement Organizer yet, now is the perfect time to get started. If you are not already a CCH ProSystem fx® Engagement user, well, you see what you are missing!

To get started and/or learn more, go to our knowledge base. Once there, watch mini-videos about the Engagement Organizer by simply searching the term Engagement Organizer. As a result, the new knowledge gained will certainly improve your workflow.

Cheers to a successful 2020 busy season!

P.S. Check out our blog post about challenges facing auditors in 2020. It compliments this blog content.


Cathy Rowe

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