Audit Technology That’s a One-Stop Shop

After 100+ anniversaries, Eide Bailly continues to adopt new audit technology to tackle ever-changing audit challenges. One leader of that effort is Ann Glenz, CPA, and Partner at Eide Bailly. With over 2,400 employees across multiple locations, making the firm’s audit procedures, processes, and policies consistent across the board is essential.

“Having a standardized process across our offices ensures that if you pick up a file from our Minneapolis office, from our Fargo office, whichever office that may be, if we’re all following the same audit methodology, we know that we’re always going to be in compliance with audit standards, and also our firm policies and procedures,” Glenz says.

Audit technology rooted with audit standards

To continue, one important way the firm maintains that consistency is through CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach. In fact, Glenz says that this solution supports the statement “Do the right thing and do the thing right.” More specifically, she says that whenever she has a question about audit steps or methodology, the response she gets is rooted with audit standards.

“To me that means that they’re not just adding items or changing items for the fun of it, to make us do more work. They really are trying to make sure that we’re in compliance with audit standards. Anytime they’re continually enhancing their products and making changes, to me that is a sure sign that they’re wanting to make sure that the audit standards are followed to a T and doing everything in their power to make sure that we can get our job done correctly.”

Wolters Kluwer – a partner you can trust

Moreover, Glenz considers Wolters Kluwer a partner, not just a vendor. “They’re not just a company we’re buying a product from. They’re invested in our success and their solutions being successful for us.” For example, check-ins are common and, if the firm is struggling with something, Wolters Kluwer is there to help.

As a result, Eide Bailly is pleased with the one-stop audit solution they’ve adopted, which includes:

One-stop shop audit technology

So, are you convinced of the value of audit technology that’s a one-stop shop? Well, check out this video and read the full Eide Bailly cases study. I’m sure they’ll help seal the deal.

P.S. While you’re at it, check out CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach. Just released, it is the next step in Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach. It takes the award-winning and patented risk-based audit methodology of CCH­® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach to the cloud.


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