Wolters Kluwer is #AuditorProud

#AuditorProud day 2019

This year, #AuditorProud day was on Thursday, September 26th. During this primarily social event, auditors from all over the place went to town expressing the value and fun of the audit profession. Thank you to the Center for Audit Quality, a non-profit affiliate of the AICPA, for creating this day. You have successfully provided a way for anyone connected to auditing to creatively express how the profession is fun!

Wolters Kluwer supports #AuditorProud

Here at Wolters Kluwer we also participated in #AuditorProud day. Check out our posts, if you haven’t seen them already. Or, look at them again if you have. Also, be sure to share our posts further. Someone in your social network might be considering the audit profession, but on the fence. So, you never know, these short videos might give them just the right push!

The below links are to our Twitter posts. These same social posts are also on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages too. You can find them on those sites by simply looking for the #AuditorProud hashtag. Our posts highlighted industry experts, including:

The social posts are short, so you can probably watch and read through all of them in under 20 minutes. Consider that time a well-deserved break when your mind needs a bit of a rest.

One final post highlighted an infographic. Be sure to check out that AA Stats infographic post, too. Then, also visit our Integrated Audit Approach webpage to learn more about how Wolters Kluwer can help your practice deliver more efficient and higher quality risk-based audits.


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