Kickstart 2019 tax planning with CCH Axcess iQ

With January right around the corner, you might not be as ready as you thought you were for tax season. The 2019 tax planning needs of your clients are vast and varied. In fact, it takes an army of diligent workers to keep on top of the myriad tax law changes that could affect each of them in slightly different ways. Whether you are providing counsel to those clients who are saving for retirement or college, or to clients who are just wanting a larger tax refund, the opportunities for higher-level service are broad and the tax issues at hand can be deep. 

CCH Axcess iQ is the perfect solution for professionals who want new tools that set them apart from their competition. In addition to combining the deep domain expertise of CCH AnswerConnect with the data stored in your CCH Axcess Tax returns, iQ sets firms apart from tax and accounting professionals who differentiate themselves in an increasingly commoditized market.  

Week of September 23 – New CCH Axcess iQ Content

Within the past week, CCH Axcess iQ has posted new content and data that will help your firm wrestle with the complex changes that will come to bear in the upcoming tax season so that you can more effectively assist your clients who need your expertise. For example, here are a few recently-added tax events that each come with a list of potentially affected clients. 

  • Itemized Deductions. Provides 2019 tax planning tips for taxpayers who did not itemize deductions. 
  • Educational Savings. Offers guidance for Individual taxpayers on the types of educational savings plans and tax savings or benefits. Examples include Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and Qualified Tuition Plans.  
  • Benefits of Lowering Adjusted Gross Income. Offers tax planning tips for Individual taxpayers to lower AGI by utilizing deductions related to adjustments to income. 

Learn how CCH Axcess iQ can help you grow these tax events into revenue-generating planning opportunities. So contact a Solutions Consultant or register for a demonstration today.


Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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