Outsourcing How-To with Jody Padar

Extension season is a good time to give outsourcing a try. In the first video of her new video series, Jody Padar (the Radical CPA) explains why outsourcing is right for her firm. Padar’s firm started using CCH Axcess Outsource when a new hire fell through right before tax season. With the new proess in place, the firm was able to complete a larger percentage of returns, lowering the percentage of extensions filed. They also were able to re-direct staff to more profitable and rewarding work.

According to Padar, “We had already evaluated CCH Axcess Outsource the prior fall and saw that we could upload all of our tax documents to CCH Axcess Outsource. They have two remote teams – one overseas and one in Michigan. You can pick which one you want to outsource to. You upload your tax documents, and they essentially come back done. So it solves our biggest pain point of talent. And we were able to get more work done this tax season using 2.5 full-time equivalents as opposed to our traditional 4.”

In fact, CCH Axcess Outsource is easy to use and fits right into the CCH Axcess Tax workflow. As you can see in the video, assigning returns to Outsource is simple. To learn more about outsourcing, watch the video. Then download the ebook, “Outsourcing Solutions for Tax Preparation.”


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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