The ‘no touch’ tax return

The idea of a ‘no touch’ tax return is here, and the reality of it is right around the corner. Furthermore, while you ponder that thought, there are ways to incorporate software in order to accomplish that ‘no touch’ tax return goal.

‘No touch’ tax return

This blog is based on the session, Moving Closer to the No Touch Tax Return, held during our recent Audit Talks – LIVE virtual conference. During the short 30-minute event, the presenters shared a ton of great information and insight. For example, Wolters Kluwer Technology Product Manager, Joel Ortner, breaks down 3 basic categories required to achieve a ‘no-touch’ return.

  1. Data access
  2. Automation
  3. Machine learning

Moreover, how to best approach each step and why you should care is explained in extensive detail.

An accountant’s perspective

Additionally, Jody Padar, CEO and Principal of New Vision CPA Group, also shares real-life scenarios relatable to every CPA firm. She explains in simple terms how the combination of certain software solutions frees up enough time for focus to go back to adding more value for the client. Specifically, those solutions include:

  • CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep
  • QuickBooks® Online
  • CCH Axcess™ Tax

As an example, here’s just a taste of the insights Jody conveys. She says, “By utilizing cloud software, all that tax accounting clean-up work that you used to have to wait to do at year end goes away. Before, you couldn’t get your QuickBooks® file until March, and then you worked on it and spent half the time cleaning it up just to get a tax return. Now, with the integration between QuickBooks® Online and CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep, you can do all that cleanup work before tax season so that during tax season all you are really doing is a couple of loan adjustments and depreciation … and that goes right into CCH Axcess™ Tax. Hello! Way less hours needed during tax season!  To me, that’s the best part of working in the cloud, and being connected to your customer all year long.”


So, are you ready to learn more about moving closer to a ‘no touch’ tax return? Then your next easy step is to watch the full session recording. Complimentary access to all the Audit Talks – LIVE sessions, including this one, is just a click away. Take the time to access it. You will be happy that you did.


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