One firm’s journey in the cloud

In a recent case study, Denice Pavey, formerly of Korte & Kowatch, described how being in the cloud helped the firm in a few ways. First, the flexibility of the cloud gave staff the work/life balance they desired, without sacrificing efficiency. Secondly, eliminating a lot of on-premise software maintenance allowed the firm to provide more personalized client service. And finally, the firm is now evaluating using advanced technologies to serve its clients even more proactively.

Looking Back

Early adopters of CCH Axcess, the firm has enjoyed the work-life balance benefits of the cloud for almost 10 years. Pavey explained, “We’ve been using CCH Axcess since it first came out in 2010. It was important for us to adopt this because our firm is very family-focused. Our workday doesn’t necessarily mean the traditional eight to five o’clock hours. Being able to pick up where I left off easily from my home to finish my day is a key thing that we all enjoy in our office.”

Focus on What Matters

One of the main benefits Korte & Kowatch has experienced is the ability to focus more on clients. Traditional on-premise software requires a firm to maintain servers and monitor for updates. But the CCH Axcess platform frees firms the technology hassle. According to Pavey, “CCH Axcess has been a time saver for us in many ways. We’re not having to maintain a server. And we’re not having to do the installs that we used to have to do. Everything is downloaded from the cloud and it’s so portable. It makes it so much easier to use because of that portability.”

Into the Future

Korte & Kowatch was one of the first firms to try CCH Axcess iQ, the new predictive intelligence module for the CCH Axcess platform. The award-winning solution monitors legislative and regulatory changes and then uses information in CCH Axcess Tax to identify clients who will potentially be affected by the changes. “We’re very excited about CCH Axcess iQ,” says Pavey. “We’re all busy, and with this new product, we’ll be able to keep on top of current tax law and how it relates to our clients.”

The next step to efficiency

Find out more about how Korte & Kowatch is able to offer more personalized client service and greater flexibility to its staff. Download the case study Korte & Kowatch Provides Hands-On Service to High Net Worth Clients.




Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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