Use new tax events to help grow revenue and increase client satisfaction

The accelerating pace of regulatory change can leave tax and accounting professionals overwhelmed as well as confused about how to best to serve clients. However, the solution lies in the wealth of data found in your clients’ tax returns stored in CCH Axcess Tax. As a result of leveraging emergent technologies like CCH Axcess iQ, you can transform major tax events from sources of anxiety and uncertainty into actionable revenue opportunities.  

Recently added tax events

CCH Axcess iQ is a new kind of product. In short, it correlates timely news events and your clients who could be affected by them. The contextualized content iQ provides brings with it great potential to enhance your revenue-generating services in addition to decreasing the likelihood that important events might slip through the cracks. For example, here are a few recent tax events published in CCH Axcess iQ. 

  • Final Regs Improve Safe Harbor of Partnership Allocations of CFTEs 
  • Premium Tax Credit Tables Updated for the 2020 Tax Year 
  • Requirement to Notify IRS to Operate as 501(c)(4) Organization 
  • Simplified Accounting Change Procedure for Certain Insurance Companies 
  • Final Regulations Allow Truncated TINs on W–2 
  • Obsolete Advanced Payment Regulations Removed 
  • Preventive Care HDHP Exceptions Expanded for Chronic Conditions 
  • Employment Tax Treatment of Partners in Partnership That Owns Disregarded Entity 
  • Proposed Regulations Issued On Excise Tax For Certain Private Universities 

Get ready to take action

Each of these events includes a detailed synopsis of the event explaining the ramifications for your clients, as well as a list of clients affected by the event. Then, armed with this information, you can use the included client letter to clearly and quickly communicate these complex issues with those clients who need your services. 

So find out how you can benefit from the deep domain expertise and advanced technology provided with CCH Axcess iQ. Contact your solutions consultant or register for a demonstration today. 


Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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