Improve employee satisfaction: How to keep your staff happy

Firm managers concerned with improving employee satisfaction are faced with good news and bad news.

The good news: There are more talented and motivated tax and accounting professionals than ever.

The bad news: If you want to attract and retain them, you have to focus on what your firm offers them that others don’t.

You know that building a competent team and holding it together long term is one of the most crucial elements of a firm’s success. But most of us don’t put enough effort into understanding and meeting employees’ expectations for workplace satisfaction.

Invest in making your firm a destination of choice

Turn-offs like outdated processes and inflexible work schedules can lead to low employee satisfaction and high turnover rates. That not only means a loss of efficiency, but increased costs for recruiting and onboarding as well as the potential for an inconsistent and disappointing client experience.

You have the power to halt the constant upheaval by rethinking the benefits and work environment you offer employees. Your goal: Transform your tax practice into a destination of choice as opposed to a destination of last resort for talented tax and accounting professionals.

Using tech to attract the best talent

Whether you have a pool of millennials who thrive on challenge and flexibility or a loyal, long-term employee who needs to work remotely when their spouse relocates, your firm can use technology solutions to meet the expectations of all types of employees. And, no matter their age or experience, all employees prefer projects that challenge them vs. mundane mind-numbing tasks.

Take a look at how technology is helping to meet today’s employee expectations and improve employee satisfaction:

  • Challenge: New hires — especially those just out of school — used to expect a bit of grunt work. Now, they want to be a part of important and challenging work starting on day one.
    Solution: Today, much of that busy work is taken care of by workflow technologies, opening up time for even the newest rookies to tackle more challenging work.
  • Challenge: Employees used to accept their fate as a cubicle dweller, showing up for eight (or more) hours a day under fluorescent lights. Today, they need and want the flexibility to work remotely at least part of the time.
    Solution: Cloud-based tax and workflow solutions allow employees to work anywhere with anyone seamlessly without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.
  • Challenge: When there’s high turnover, someone has to take up the slack. In the past, firms expected employees to work extra hours doing tasks outside their areas of interest and expertise.
    Solution: Today’s employees are looking to work to their strengths at their own pace. Tech solutions help make that a reality.

In the end, a happy staff leads to happy clients. Isn’t that worth the investment?

Are you ready to transform?

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