NY Senate Passes Bill to Release State Tax Returns to Congress

New York may enact a law requiring it to release state tax returns to Congress. However, New York tax returns could be released only to certain committees. In addition, the congressional request must have a legitimate, specific purpose.

Requests must be written. Also, redaction would be required.

Cooperation Required With Only 3 Congressional Committees

If enacted, the bill would direct the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to share New York tax returns and reports requested by:

  • the Chairperson of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee;
  • the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; or
  • the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Other Requirements for Release of Returns to Congress

Several other requirements would also have to be met before the commissioner would cooperate with a request.

For example, the request would have to be accompanied by certification that the tax returns or reports were being requested for a specified and legitimate legislative purpose.

S.B. 5072, as passed by the New York Senate on May 8, 2019

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