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Recently, Barry Wechsler shared his insights regarding Wolters Kluwer’s Integrated Audit Approach. Wechsler is a Partner with Raich Ende Malter in New York City. From CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach to training and the value received from attending the user conference, he shares a lot of good insights in this video series.

Audit Insights

For example:

  • Firms need to embrace training, as it’s the only way to ensure keeping up with updates and learning best practices. Especially because best practices change. To be efficient, you need the training.
  • The accountant of today is not the accountant of yesteryear. They want to be mobile and use whatever technology they can. With Engagement and the rest of the Integrated Audit Approach solutions, it’s all there!
  • Firms don’t want to get caught doing a substandard audit. That is especially true with all the different authorities looking over your shoulder these days. In this very competitive world we live in, Knowledge Coach is the product of the future that can help.

Call to Action

Watch the short videos in this series to learn more. You will gain the why and how behind the above points.


Furthermore, the Integrated Audit Approach seamlessly unites CCH Audit Accelerator, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, TeamMate Analytics, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach, and CCH Accounting Research Manager. Additionally, it also leverages our School of Audit. This combination of solutions helps firms:

  • Maximize realizations
  • Increase audit quality
  • Ensure peer review readiness

If you have not checked out these solutions and this approach, it is worth your time to do so. Consider attending a complimentary demo at a time that fits your schedule.

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