Challenges facing accounting firms

Recently we spoke with Andy Hines, Audit Manager from Whitley Penn, about how his firm is overcoming audit challenges facing accounting firms today. In part, Andy says that audit processes will become more data and analytic driven.

Challenges facing accounting firms

More precisely, he says the challenges facing the industry include:

  • In general –
    • Price
    • Competition
    • Technology
  • More specific, how to –
    • Implement technology to create a more efficient audit
    • Do more with less for a better price
    • Add value

More insights

Additionally, Whitley Penn builds good relationships with vendors, and feels doing so is important to the firm’s success. Andy states, firms need vendor partners like Wolters Kluwer that:

  • See the same changes in the industry
  • Are proactive about making tools auditors need to do their job


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