Partnerships Ensure Exceptional Service

How do firms create opportunities in the ever-changing future of audit? To start, remember that one of the single most important values your firm should provide your clients is service excellence.  Put simply, that exceptional service also provides dividends to the firm. The result of that is a direct impact on your bottom line – both today and in the future.

Exceptional Service

What exactly is exceptional service, though?  Is it:

  • Providing quality audits
  • Providing expert insights

The answer is, yes. Exceptional service means providing both of those things.  However, it is actually even more than that.  Providing exceptional service is all about:

  • Building relationships
  • Ensuring your client feels valued
  • Having a vested interest in your client

This holds true both today and in the future, to ensure success for both you and your client.  If a solid relationship is not established, it will be virtually impossible to deliver what matters most to your client.

Building Relationships

Take Texas-based Whitley Penn, LLP for example. Their philosophy is that relationships equal results, and that is what is required for success.  Here at Wolters Kluwer, we agree. Additionally, we firmly believe this philosophy extends to:

  • Accounting firms and their clients, AND
  • Wolters Kluwer’s partnerships with the profession

The profound impact these relationships have for your firm is all about driving results.

To add, these are exactly the same values we have as we design our Integrated Audit Approach. We know this. For YOU to successfully deliver client excellence and create opportunities for your clients, WE must nurture our relationships within the profession so that our solutions evolve to a point where they transform the status quo, both today and in the future.

Audit of the Future

As we build out ‘audit of the future’, we believe there are three critical steps to ensure our solutions enable you to accomplish your goals.

  1. Partner
    1. The first step is creating partnerships. Our goal is to have partnerships with firms of all sizes, in addition to partnerships with all the right roles at the firm since everyone will ultimately be using our software.
  2. Listen
    1. Step 2 is listening. Our goal is to understand what is important for the firm and, most importantly, why.  That is how we ensure that we are solving the right problem(s)!  For this step, we often visit firms to watch them work. Actually witnessing a firm’s workflow firsthand lets us see the workflow we need to support, along with any breakdowns we need to overcome.
  3. Share
    1. Step 3 is sharing. Our goal is to ensure we interpreted the requirements correctly, and get feedback early. As we develop the future of audit, we welcome and encourage customer feedback along the way.

Look at the picture on this blog again. What you are seeing is the Wolters Kluwer’s team, including Product Management, User Experience and Development people, visiting Whitley Penn, LLP to share the future of Knowledge Coach in the cloud. From this visit, we received immediate feedback early in the process of this project.


If you would like to be involved in the development of “Engagement or Knowledge Coach in the cloud,” and shape what will by your audit of the future, let us know by simply submitting this short form. Once received, one of our team will call you to determine how your firm can best help.


Cathy Rowe

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