3 Technologies To Improve Client Communications

Unreturned emails, accidental oversights, missed opportunities. What if you could eliminate these from your tax practice with a few simple tech tools? Of course, as every teacher, boss, parent, and spouse has touted for decades: It’s all about communication. To be effective, your client communications need to be personal, timely, and easy to execute. One-off emails and phone calls are great for keeping in touch with clients and building relationships. But your to-do list can quickly become a too-long list if you have to individually keep track of every communication you need to have with each client.

We’ve got you covered with these three technologies.

Connected, not cookie cutter

If the tools you’re using to connect with clients aren’t integrated with your other systems, that disconnect can lead to missed client data and inefficient client communications. And consequently, that can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

An electronic organizer like CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Organizer can help your firm’s staff easily create an organizer customized to each customer’s unique situation. No more cookie -cutter client communications to collect tax and audit data. You’ll find it’s much easier to keep track of every client message, data request, and document exchange, which will make your team more productive and your clients happier.

Simply centralized

As firms look to simplify client communications, a client portal can be a center for collaborating and exchanging information. The latest best practices for portals involve bi-directional exchange of information, and actionable features that help strengthen client relationships.

For example, CCH Axcess™ Portal is not simply a place to store completed tax returns. It also serves as a centralized hub of client communications. Clients can use their portals to access PBC lists from Engagement Organizer, and invoices that they can pay online using the CCH Axcess Practice ePay feature. Every client interaction and document exchange—including invoices—will be secure, timely, and simple.

Get proactive about predictable problems

Rampant and rapidly changing tax regulations can have economic implications for many of your existing clients. However, without the right communication tools in place, you could miss tax planning and revenue opportunities. Above all, you could fail to alert clients about possible tax liabilities.

To predict problems and proactively head them off at the pass, CCH Axcess™ iQ will access and sort your client database to identify those who might be impacted by tax law changes. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition, the tool also offers a variety of ready-made communication templates to connect with the clients who need a heads up. As a result, you’ll look like a hero for bringing the money-saving strategy to their attention. Meanwhile, you’ll also be able to cross one more thing off that to-do list.

Begin the process today!

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