4 ways to up your email marketing game

In the process of updating and refining your marketing strategy for 2019, you will probably be looking for ways to make your email marketing more effective. One big fear might be that your emails will get lost in everyone’s inbox (if they even reach their inboxes). Or you might worry that your emails will get immediately deleted without being considered at all. All these things are possible. But it’s still worth investing some time and thought into providing your clients the most valuable email newsletters possible so that they will be more likely to turn to you for their tax and accounting needs.

Here are a few ideas to consider when refining your email marketing strategy.

Don’t be shy!

Marketing is for promoting goods and services, right? So don’t be afraid to shamelessly promote your services. The people on your email list will already have some sort of relationship with your business, so you know there is at least some interest in hearing what you have to offer. Show your clients (past, preset, and future) what else you can do for them. Show them new ways you can save them time and money. And show them how your expert understanding of recent tax law changes place you in the best position to help them wade through murky regulatory issues. With this sort of shameless (though tasteful) self-promotion, maybe some clients will start coming into your office more than once or twice a year!

Share company news

The fact is, your clients will be more engaged with you if they have a personal relationship with your business. By sharing all the ways your firm is growing, you present yourself as a progressive, thriving enterprise that is poised to guide your clients through thorny IRS challenges for decades to come. Establishing these sorts of long-term relationships translates to long-term repeat business. It also means your clients will think of you before they blew through that huge refund you got them last March.

Focus on your audience

By using your email newsletters to promote news articles on your marketing website, you can leverage platforms like Google Analytics to understand what does and doesn’t generate interest. And when you know what links are getting the most clicks, you start to see a picture of the opportunities and weaknesses that reside in your services. This is rich knowledge because it serves two purposes: it positions you to lean into your strengths and shore up your weaknesses; and it gives your clients a voice which speaks on their behalf – requesting help without them even knowing it.

Pair up your platforms

Your marketing website and social media platforms should work hand-in-glove with email marketing to drive traffic to each another. Creating links from email newsletters and social media posts to your marketing website not only benefits your web analytics (see above) but also boosts the SEO for your marketing website. The more ways web users can get to your website the better, and email marketing provides a great opportunity to get that increase of traffic that will help your search engine ranking.

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Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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