An Educational Slam Dunk

March Madness is here! I’m talking about busy season, not college basketball. While other firms are trying to survive busy season, you should be beating the competition to retain and acquire top talent. Notably, CCH Learning and Develop Academy School of Audit can help. This unique learning environment is a slam-dunk for how auditors should want to acquire required continuing education credits!

The Academy

In fact, look no further than The Academy School of Audit for your staff’s technical, professional and software training. Furthermore, only The Academy teaches how to audit using CCH’s suite of A&A products, including:

Unique Learning Experience

Since its inception in 2009, The Academy’s hands-on case-study-based training has helped thousands of auditors prepare for their day-day responsibilities. Moreover, from national firms to small local practices, firms consider The Academy a partner in their professional development of staff. Past students say they immediately applied audit concepts and software tools discussed during training to their daily tasks.

Students start their journey with the New Hire Level 1 course. Then they advance to these three other levels:

  • Experienced Staff Level 2
  • Senior Staff Level 3
  • Experienced Staff Level 4

Attendees Christen The Academy

Do not take just our word, though. Check out these comments from some recent attendees:

  • “The instructor was entertaining and engaging. I asked several questions and the instructor was able to answer them with a high degree of expertise. I also liked how he took time to teach us thoroughly using the same software as my firm.”
  • “Effective instructor blended their personal experience as an auditor into discussions and showed real world application and provided advice”
  • “Can apply what I learned to my day-to-day work”
  • “The most valuable aspect of the training was working through examples with the different software. I’m excited to learn more and be able to use it on jobs in the future”
  • “I really enjoyed the planning section, the TeamMate Analytics section, and the Knowledge Coach section. No one really teaches you how to go through a lot of the planning documents, it is normally learning by doing and I learned a huge base amount of all these things. Also, Knowledge Coach was way more confusing to me before this training. Now I actually understand how it all ties together. Overall, I loved the material. I am already using some of the fun excel tricks and teaching my other auditors how cool TeamMate Analytic is. Great job overall.”

Book Your Seat

Courses are onsite, and the New Hire Level 1 course is also available as web-based. Therefore, just pick the option that best fits your firm and your schedule for the New Hire course. That one is attended by any staff that’s work with your firm for a year or less.

Consider the amount of time and resources it takes to develop materials internally. Now consider getting all of that time back. That is what attending The Academy will do for you! When you leverage The Academy, your firm can better focus on servicing your clients and growing your firm. Give The Academy a shot and advance against the competition. I predict a “swish”!

Learn more about the School of Audit on our website. Then check out the full list of role-based and specialty programs available.

Are you ready to book your seat now? Then, simply complete the form below, and we will contact you to set that up.

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Brett Bell

Senior Accounting & Audit Consultant, CCH Learning & Development Academy School of Audit Lead

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