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Software utilities, like CCH ProSystem fx Engagement’s Admin Views, can help improve your firm management. Therefore, you should periodically review those kinds of utilities in your software solutions to ensure you are optimizing all features. For example, considering Engagement solution users specifically, answer this. Have you ever struggled with finding reports designed to help you manage your firm’s use of Engagement?

Admin Views Utility

Historically, most firms have struggled – which is why Wolters Kluwer added the Admin Views Utility feature to Engagement in 2017. With it, users in the ‘administrative staff group’ can view information from all office servers, including:

  • Central file room data
  • Staff data
  • Client data
  • Binder data

How Admin Views Work

The data displays in a grid that allows you to customize the columns and rows included in your view. Moreover, you can save a customized view of the data, which makes it easy to replicate a report that you need to run on a regular basis. Additionally, you can export a data view CSV, XLSX, PDF, and HTML. Furthermore, Wolters Kluwer improved this enhancement in 2018. The enhancement was the addition of a bulk edit feature available to:

  • Binder teams
  • Binder staff
  • Licenses by staff view

Currently there are 17 standard views available. However, the possibilities are endless!

How Admin Views Improve Firm Management

In fact, if you are an administrator responsible for managing the Engagement solution for your firm, there are many ways to utilize Admin Views to improve your firm management. For example:

  • First, do you have new staff onboarding? Then you likely need licenses for Engagement and/or CCH ProSystem fx
    • ‘Staff Views-Licenses by Staff view’ allows quick and easy selection of users and assignment of licenses at one time. Wow! That is a significant time saver when onboarding new staff.

  • Second, prior to upgrading Engagement, do you ever struggle with knowing who has binders that need to be checked-in?
    • ‘Binder Views–Staff with Checked Out Workpapers’ quickly identifies those staff members so you can alert them prior to upgrading.

  • Third, are you a firm with multiple offices and central file rooms? That environment can be hard when it comes to remembering in which central file room a binder is located.
    • ‘Clients Views–Clients by Central File Room’ immediately identifies the central file room where a client is located.


In closing, these are just a few examples of the many ways Engagement’s ‘Admin Views’ can help improve your firm management. Indeed, there are limitless ways to create helpful reports when you consider both the standard views available and the ability to customize each view.

To learn more about how CCH ProSystem fx Engagement can help solve your firm’s needs, visit our webpage. In addition, complete the form below and an account representative will contact you to discuss how Wolters Kluwer can help you fulfill your tax and accounting needs.


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