3 cloud benefits that your firm might be missing out on

With the fast pace of technology advances, some firms may feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. However, taking an incremental approach can get firms started down the path of exponential growth. One great first step for many firms is moving all or part of their software to the cloud. In a recent video interview, Denice Pavey of Korte & Kowatch explained a few of the cloud benefits the firm has experienced.

A flexible culture can help firms win the recruiting battle

Modern firms offer their staff flexibility and autonomy to complete their work outside traditional office hours. One of the most valuable cloud benefits firms seek out is to offer remote work opportunities and anywhere, anytime access. In a competitive job market, a flexible culture can be an important differentiator when hiring new staff, especially younger staff. Pavey explains, “To not have to be at the office, and being able to pick up where I left off easily from my home once I’d gotten there to finish my day was a key thing that we all enjoy in our office.”

Work/life balance keeps seasoned staff happy and engaged

In addition to flexibility, cloud software offers staff a better sense of work/life balance, an important cloud benefit for mid-level and senior staff. According to Pavey, “Work life balance is very important in our office. We all have young families that we want to get home to and CCH Axcess allows us to leave the office and just to pick back up later on the evening after tucking the kids in bed.”

Minimize maintenance in the cloud

For the majority of firms that don’t have dedicated IT staff, cloud software offers a low-maintenance technology option. Updates are easy and automatic. “This product has been in a time saver for us in many ways,” says Pavey. “We’re not having to maintain a server. We’re not having to do the installs that we used to have to do. Everything is downloaded from the cloud.”

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Aimee Hall

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