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Great accountants have always had more than just a knack for numbers. But as technology changes the face of the profession, many accountants want to know how to add IT experience to their resumes. In fact, information technology is a growing focus of many accountants who are looking for new challenges and a change of pace. In a recent video, Lisa Johnson, IT Director at Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, discussed her role at the firm. She explains why information technology is the backbone of a modern firm.

Information technology 101

For many technology-focused accountants, their entry into the world of information technology begins during a software implementation. Serving on an implementation team, they often acquire valuable IT experience and knowledge about best practices and troubleshooting. Some accountants have really embraced the role of IT champion, driving new technology projects at their existing firms. Or, they can even leverage their experience to implement similar technology projects in other firms.

Lisa describes her journey into information technology at ADKF:

“I began at ADKF implementing their Scan/AutoFlow process. That’s when I started to transition them into a paperless format. Being that I had transitioned two other firms to CCH Axcess products, I helped them with the implementation and the migration. From there, it just blossomed into the IT field.”

Process efficiency

Accountants can occupy a unique position as both software and workflow experts in their firms. According to Johnson, “Working for ADKF and being able to help with the IT side and the software side and prepare returns gives me a broader view of the entire workflow process, which I think helps me implement the right procedures for everybody.”

Combining professional accounting expertise and IT experience can offer firms the best of both worlds. Understanding the ins and outs of tax and accounting work is a given requirement. But someone who is also comfortable working with and evaluating technology offers a distinct advantage.

“I am responsible for making sure that all of the technology works well together and it actually benefits the staff and the firm as a whole,” she explains. “You can use every bit of technology, but if it’s not going to benefit you, then it’s not worthwhile.”

Take the first step

Gaining IT experience can be the first step towards a fulfilling career shift or just modernizing your firm. Download the whitepaper, Leveraging Data and Technologies for Sustained Competitive Advantage to learn more about how technology is helping firms adapt to changes in the profession. Request your copy today:



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