Staying on top of digital marketing trends in 2019

Growing your business in 2019 relies on solid communication with your market. Without a solid marketing plan, it becomes very difficult to collect leads, build your brand, and drive sales. As important as traditional marketing has been in the past for driving these initiatives, digital marketing quickly surpassed it in the past decade in terms of engaging with discreet market segments, providing insight into the needs of your clients, and analyzing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Like anything else online, it’s a full-time job to stay on top of new digital marketing trends and technologies.

But regardless of your marketing budget or staff, the amount of time you spend building awareness of, and engaging with these trends promises to pay dividends throughout the year. So as we are settling into 2019, here are some important areas of digital marketing for you to consider investing in over the next few months.

Email marketing

A recent report indicates that 89% of marketers consider their email marketing strategy successful. By providing your marketing website a steady stream of click-throughs, email marketing is an important step in converting potential clients into happily-paying ones. Furthermore, by automating email marketing, your business can have an ever-present connection to your market that provides them important opportunities of engagement with you.

Content marketing

Email marketing is best coupled with a full-fledged content marketing strategy. When offered in bite-sized pieces, the expertise your business carries has the ability to lure potential customers to your doorstep. By writing helpful articles that provoke in the reader a desire to learn about, or engage in a new services, you are not only educating your market and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your community, but also regularly associating your business as experts-in-waiting –  ready to provide needed services.

Social media marketing

If you aren’t currently engaged in social media marketing, it can be overwhelming to start. The problem is knowing what platform can give you the best ROI. Of course, for accounting firms, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn tend to be more relevant than Instagram and Tumblr. Start on one or two platforms by posting the content you already provide on your marketing website and email newsletter. See how many bites you get, and tailor your ongoing attempts accordingly.

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Jonny Rector

Senior Technology Product Manager

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