2019 Tax Filing Season Begins (IR-2019-07)

The 2019 tax filing season has begun. The IRS issued IR-2019-7 giving taxpayers information on the filing season. In addition, the IRS has started accepting and processing 2018 federal individual income tax returns.

The deadline to submit 2018 tax returns and pay any taxes due is Monday, April 15, 2019 for most taxpayers.

However, taxpayers living in Maine and Massachusetts will have until April 17 to file. This is because of the Patriots’ Day holiday on April 15, and the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16.

Tax Filing Season for 2019

Despite the changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Service was able to open this year’s tax-filing season one day earlier than the 2018 tax-filing season. The IRS expects 90% of the returns to be filed electronically. Efiling and direct deposit remain the fastest and safest way to file an accurate income tax return and receive a refund.

Taxpayers should check “Where’s My Refund?” after filing a return for updates on their refund’s status. Moreover, before calling the IRS for help, taxpayers should consult two online resources:

Qualified taxpayers who still need assistance may visit one of the 12,000 community-based tax help sites that participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs.

Delayed Refunds

Like last year, the Service expects refunds to be available by direct deposit as of February 27, 2019 , if the refunds are associated with:

  • the Earned Income Tax Credit, or
  • the Additional Child Tax Credit.

Expired TINs

Many Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) expired on December 31, 2018. The expired ITINs include any ITIN:

  • not used on a tax return at least once in the past three years, and
  • ITIN with middle digits of 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 81 and 82

An example of an expired ITIN is 9NN-73-NNNN.

ITINs with middle digits 70, 71, 72 or 80 expired on December 31, 2017, but taxpayers can still renew them.

Affected taxpayers should act soon to avoid refund delays and possible loss of eligibility for some key tax benefits.

Signing Electronic Tax Returns

Finally, taxpayers can learn more about how to verify their identity and electronically sign tax returns at Validating Your Electronically Filed Tax Return.


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