Client Collaboration – Reimagining the PBC List

The Prepared By Client (PBC) list has come a long way! Traditionally, accountants tracked items requested from their client through a physical piece of paper or an excel spreadsheet. Oftentimes, this manual process made it difficult to know when or even if a needed document was received. Additionally, often the accountant would end up asking the client multiple times for the same piece of information. Thus, this manual process was filled with frustrations. However, those frustrations do not have to continue to exist.

Prepared By Client list – reimagined

Now accountants can improve their overall workflow efficiency by using Engagement Organizer to manage their Prepared By Client list. Engagement Organizer is a cloud-based feature of CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and CCH Axcess Portal. Simply put, it provides an automated way for accountants to request, send, and receive documents from their clients.

CPAs like Bill Matheney, of Matheney Stees & Associates, like the way Engagement Organizer gives their clients these opportunities:

  • Do things more efficiently
  • Send the firm information in bulk

As a firm, their auditors are able to communicate back and forth with their clients through Engagement Organizer. This reimagined process ensures that the client understands exactly what the firm is asking for.

Engagement Organizer – enhanced

Moreover, Engagement Organizer now allows multiple attachments added to a single organizer row, an enhancement that benefits both firms and their clients. For example, if the client has 12 bank statements, they can upload all 12 of them quickly and easily to the single request row in Engagement Organizer. This step alone saves time for both client and firm. Ultimately, the bottom line is that Engagement Organizer improves the efficiency of the entire Prepared By Client list request process.

Next Steps

Are you ready to learn more? Start by watching this short video. You will hear how Matheney Stees & Associates leverages Engagement Organizer to improve their audit workflow.

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