5 Workflow Problems to Solve This Year

There’s no such thing as a perfect workflow. However, many common workflow problems are easy to solve with the right tools and approach. A new ebook, Keys to Project Management Success compares some common project management mistakes to more innovative digital strategies.

5 Common workflow problems and how to solve them

  • Unknown project status. When your client calls to check up on a project, the person who answers the phone may not have any idea how to answer. A centralized project management system provides project status info to whoever needs it, so your clients experience responsive service every time.
  • Missed notifications. Everyone gets too many emails. Some people can manage email notifications, but more often than not, they are buried in overflowing inboxes or routed to junk folders. It’s always good to have a central dashboard you can log into to access all of your upcoming tasks on-demand.
  • One-off projects. Your clients have unique needs, so a project template will rarely fit the bill. Project templates should be easy to configure, so you can modify each project as needed and still ensure all steps are completed.
  • Out of date reports. Data takes too long to compile and format, and by the time you make sense of it, there’s even more data. Interactive data visualizations can pull in multiple data sources and present near-real time data in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Wasted time between projects. Instead of having to ask “what should I work on next?” staff should be able to self-assign projects based on project pools.

Make a change today

Efficient project management makes a big difference in the success of an accounting firm. Our ebook, Keys to Project Management Success can help you overcome your workflow problems. Request your copy.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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