Technology Preview: The Future of Firm Management Technology

Firm management technology that may have seemed a long way off is suddenly becoming available to ordinary accounting firms. In a recent webinar with Accounting Today, Wolters Kluwer Product Managers Damon Russel and Nake Sekander spoke with Strategic Relationships Manager Brian Siet about the future of firm management technology. They gave a sneak peek into what’s coming in 2019, including these three areas to keep an eye on.

The Evolution of the Cloud

Some firms have jumped head first into cloud-only technology firms, but many have taken a more incremental approach. These firms need cloud solutions that can still work with on-premise solutions. For document management customers, this includes the ability to store documents locally or with third party hosting solutions. Damon Russel, Product Line Manager of CCH Axcess Document discussed the new Hybrid Storage option for CCH Axcess Document, which will allow just that.

Intelligence & Insight

Bringing together data from multiple disparate sources and consolidating databases are both important steps to better, more accurate reporting. But the future of business intelligence goes beyond just collecting and reporting out data. According to Nake Sekander, Product Manager for CCH Axcess Data Insights, dashboards that let you slice and dice data help firms develop actionable insight. By monitoring near real-time data, managers can stay ahead of problems and more proactively manage their firms.

Supercharged Client Collaboration

The client portal used to be primarily a tool for exchanging files. However, these collaboration systems are increasingly becoming hubs for many different types of client communications. In addition to using portals to collect source documents and deliver completed tax returns, firms can add e-payment functionality to deliver invoices and collect online payments. They are also beginning to integrate digital organizers to collect data. According to Russel, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement’s Engagement Organizer lets firms create digital PBC lists, track requested documents and send automatic reminders.

The future is now

The firm management technology previewed in the Accounting Today webinar is not just a list of pie-in-the-sky predictions. In fact, these are features available right now. To learn more, watch the webinar today.


Aimee Hall

Product Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

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