Idaho Might Eliminate Grocery Tax

Idaho Gov. Brad Little has proposed to eliminate the sales tax on groceries in 2020. The proposal came in the governor’s State of the State and Budget Address.

Governor’s Proposal for New Tax Exemptions

The governor also proposed that any new tax exemption should be tied to:

  • a proportional reduction in state spending, or
  • real income generation.

Governor Orders Taxpayer Education

The governor noted that few taxpayers know they need to update their income tax withholding following recent federal tax changes. The governor ordered the Tax Commission to educate taxpayers so they can avoid a surprise income tax bill.

Idaho’s Lowest Income and Business Tax Rates in Decades

The governor noted that last year’s tax cuts resulted in the lowest income and business tax rates since 1934.

State of the State and Budget Address, Idaho Gov. Brad Little, January 7, 2019

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