Tackle this 2018 Tax Season with CCH Axcess™ Financial Prep!

At this time of year, with the amount of work that lies ahead, you want to ensure your workflows are efficient … including business tax return prepartion. Just like you – here at Wolters Kluwer we too have been busy preparing for the 2018 tax season.

A solution that will help

Did you know that new technology that makes business tax return preparation easier exists? The solution is CCH Axcess Financial Prep. By focusing on delivering data driven workflows, Wolters Kluwer’s Financial Prep team  built integration between both accounting and tax solutions. This integration seamlessly flows your client’s data  from their accounting package to CCH Axcess Financial Prep and then to CCH Axcess Tax. A seamless flow of data reduces errors and hours spent preparing a tax return. This frees the professional up to provide more value-added services.

Just last month, Financial Prep added integration with Xero™, a popular online accounting package. A partnership was formed between the two software vendors, so that our applications can to talk to each other. What does that mean? That means with a click of a button the accounts and balances in Xero will flow directly into Financial Prep and tax groups will be automatically assigned to the accounts, so the balances can flow accurately into the tax return in CCH Axcess Tax.

In conclusion

We, at Wolters Kluwer, think this data driven workflow is a touchdown! Moreover, we hope you will “score” with this seamless integration during the 2018 tax season!

To learn more, visit our CCH Axcess Financial Prep web page. Or, fill out the form below.

Happy New Year!

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