End of Year Project: Create and Use a Client Portal

Our ebook, Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects, provides instructions for 9 projects firms can complete before tax season. Varying in complexity from a few hours to a few weeks, the projects span areas including managing client and firm data, improving client service, and preparing staff to succeed. The project below, “Create and Use a Client Portal ” is a sample project from the ebook. 

What better way to keep clients happy than to allow them to access their information on-demand, whenever they want it? Client portals have come a long way since the early days. They now serve as communication hubs for exchanging documents, making payments, and project collaboration.

The Basics

Stakeholders: Firm Administrator, IT professionals, Client service staff

Supplies: Client list, portal software

Frequency: Ongoing

Get Started

  1. Consistency is the key to a successful portal implementation, so begin by batch-creating portals for all of your clients. Although you might not require all clients to use the portals, all clients
    should have the opportunity to use one if they prefer.
  2. Notify clients and help them learn how to use the portal. Your portal probably automatically generated a welcome email for all users when you created the portal. However, it wouldn’t hurt to
    send a reminder once in a while. A link to a simple user guide helps, too.
  3. Use portals regularly. This may require some effort to get your staff onboard. The more often they deliver documents via the portal, the more familiar the process will be for clients as
    well as staff.
  4. Add a link to your portal from you firm’s website. Make your portal easy to find and give your clients a reason to visit your firm’s website by linking to the portal login screen from your home page.

Additional Resources

Next Steps

Creating and using client portals is only one project of many included in the Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects ebook. Don’t miss the rest of the book. Fill out the form below to request your free copy today.


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