Hawaii County Grants Property Tax Relief for Disaster Areas

The Mayor of the County of Hawaii has issued a Sixth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation declaring the continuance of a state of emergency, and extending the period of suspension of the applicability of certain real property tax assessments. The emergency proclamation is due to active lava eruption in the County and State of Hawaii which continues to exist and pose a threat of imminent disaster on Hawaii Island.

The Sixth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation provides that, effective December 6, 2018, all provisions of the prior proclamations, except for the prohibition against entering and remaining on the lava flow field issued in the Fourth Supplemental Emergency Proclamation, and the prohibition against physically altering the lava flow field issued in the Fifth Supplemental Emergency Proclamation, remain in full force and effect for 45 days or until further act by the mayor’s office, or unless terminated by a separate proclamation, whichever occurs first.

In addition, loitering, loafing or idling on the lava flow field remains prohibited unless authorized by the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency. Further, private lot owners may make limited restorative physical modifications to the lava flow field surface on their private lot as authorized. Any other physical modifications to the lava flow field including but not limited to, clearing, crushing or removal or infill of the lava flow field with the intent to establish roads, trails or driveways, is prohibited unless authorized.

The emergency proclamations are available on the Hawaii County Mayor’s website:

Sixth Supplementary Emergency Proclamation, Office of the Mayor, County of Hawaii, December 6, 2018

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