End of Year Project: Organize and Digitize HR Documents

Our ebook, Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects, provides instructions for 9 projects firms can complete before tax season. Varying in complexity from a few hours to a few weeks, the projects span areas including managing client and firm data, improving client service, and preparing staff to succeed. The project below, “Organize and Digitize HR Documents ” is a sample project from the ebook. 

Are your firm’s internal documents as organized as your client documents? Just like with client files,  digitizing your HR documentation makes everything easier to find and manage. Employee paperwork and HR policies benefit from the same record retention, security and collaboration features that you’ve come to count on.

The Basics

Stakeholders: Human resources staff, Training champion, firm administrator

Supplies: Employee records, internal process documents, scanner

Frequency: As needed

Get Started

  1. Organize your documents. Firstly, decide on class and subclass designations for each type of document. These may include personnel files, forms & paperwork, and internal process documents.
  2. Set up security features. Internal processes and procedures should, of course, be available to all employees. Personnel paperwork should be off-limits to anyone other than managers and human resources staff. Use Staff Access Groups or file- and folder-level permissions to provide the correct level of access to each type of document.
  3. Scan paper files. Any paperwork that is being stored in hard copy format should be scanned and added to your document management system. After scanning, you can safely dispose of the paper files or keep them for a designated retention period.
  4. Set retention rules. If you set your HR documents as “Permanent,” you’ll need a process in place to purge documents that are no longer needed.

Additional Resources

Next Steps

This project, as well as others like it are included in the Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects ebook. So fill out the form below to request your free copy!


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