End of Year Project: Review and Update Security Policies

Our new ebook, Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects, provides how-to instructions for 9 projects firms can complete before the end of the year. Varying in complexity from a few hours to a few weeks, the projects span areas including managing client and firm data, improving client service, and preparing staff to succeed. The project below, “Review and Update Security Policies” is a sample project from the ebook. 

Keeping information secure in this age of hackers and fraudsters is a year-round job. Although many firms review their security policies regularly, a periodic review may not be enough to keep data secure. The steps below outline a general procedure you can follow to evaluate and improve your firm’s security policies. However, every firm has different security needs, so you’ll need customize it for your specific situation.

The Basics

Stakeholders: IT professionals, such as network administrators. Representatives from all practice areas, as well as an information security subject matter expert (hire a consultant if you don’t have one in your firm).

Supplies: The firm’s current security policy, in addition to information about the latest IT threats and weaknesses.

Frequency: Ongoing

Get started

  1. First, engage an information security subject matter expert to guide your process if necessary.
  2. Look for a sample IT security policy that your firm can use as a starting point. You can find many different sample policies online.
  3. During your security review, pay special attention to any policies that your staff does not routinely adhere to. Identify why the policies aren’t working and whether you can adjust them to increase compliance.
  4. Discuss what measures you’ll need to put into place to better monitor and enforce the policies.
  5. Since information security is an ongoing concern, put into place mechanisms for continuous security communication between your IT experts and staff.

Additional resources

Next steps

Of course, reviewing and updating your security policies is only one of the projects outlined in the Firm Operations: Office Productivity Projects ebook. Fill out the form below to request your free copy of the eBook.


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