8 signs that email fatigue is slowing down your firm

recent survey found that almost 75% of us are overwhelmed by the amount of email we receive. If you’re like the majority of us, you may be experiencing email fatigue. And your clients experience this as well.

Know the signs of email fatigue

So how can you tell if email fatigue is affecting your firm’s business? See if any of these sound familiar:

  1. You’ve felt overwhelmed by the volume in your email inbox.
  2. You have accidentally deleted an email that you needed.
  3. Overlooking an important email has caused you to be late on a deadline.
  4. Your emails (sent or received) have been blocked by firewalls.
  5. Emails you’ve sent have gone into the Junk or Clutter folders.
  6. You’ve been unsuccessful in finding a specific email using search.
  7. You sent an email, but the email address is no longer active.
  8. Clients have asked you to reprint and resend invoices that they’ve lost.

Most importantly, if you send invoices via email, these issues can actually delay your client receiving the invoice which means it also delays you getting paid. 

An alternative to email fatigue

We recommend, as a best practice, that you use CCH Axcess Portal instead of email to deliver invoices to your clients. You can see that that the invoice was successfully uploaded to Portal making it immediately available to the client. Email does not give that guarantee. With a link to Client Axcess on your firm’s website, the clients know where to go to see the invoices. In fact, portals are the most secure and convenient way to collaborate with your clients.

When you license Client Axcess, you can elect to use ePay. When clients make electronic payments made through ePay, CCH Axcess Practice automatically writes it to Accounts Receivable and distributes it to the invoice. This means the receipt of cash is sped up. This streamlines your workflow freeing up staff to perform other functions instead of manual entry and taking checks to the bank for deposit. 

Ready to start using e-payments? Please contact us to learn more about the CCH Axcess Practice e-payments feature.


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