Get out of Your Comfort Zone at #CCHUC18

If you were to ask attendees of industry events like annual conventions and user conferences why they were there, many of them would say because of networking opportunities. Or learning new skills and insights. Or sharing their expertise with their peers.

Regardless the answer, a common theme surfaces: getting out of one’s comfort zone. Within the structure and parameters of a convention or conference, we’re more open to risk and opportunity. The challenge is maintaining this openness once we’re back in the office and daily routines.

At CCH Connections: User Conference 2018, fresh ideas, emerging trends, and the latest news and updates breaking across the tax and accounting industry fill four days of educational sessions and networking events. Meanwhile, keynote speaker Ryan Estis will share his perspective on breaking through business-as-usual toward an innovative future. Here’s a preview of what he has in store next month in Miami Beach:

Defining your purpose is essential to unlocking your true potential

“There are very real reasons we become complacent, comfortable and bored: Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe,” writes Ryan. “When you start each day with a purpose, and commit to carrying it out, everything changes. Odds are, you’ll be done with the boredom and fear, and you’ll finally feel free to go after the things you really want.

Your best ideas often strike at unexpected times

Technology has both greatly simplified and made astonishingly more complex the typical working day. Getting in touch with colleagues and clients has never been easier, but there also looms the expectation of being always-on. “Instead of scheduling back-to-back meetings from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., give yourself time during the day to think strategically or just simply relax, breathe and let the mind wander,” suggests Ryan. “So often, it’s in those moments of solitude and reflection where the big, breakthrough thinking happens.”

Unstick yourself from the status quo

A strong business or career has a legacy behind it of smart decisions and intelligent risk-taking. But recreating the past with the goal of future success is the wrong strategy. “It’s understandable when we don’t want to deviate from what’s worked in the past,” says Ryan. “However, it’s also a recipe for getting disrupted. Past success is no longer a good indicator of future performance. The world is changing fast and if you aren’t changing with it, you run the risk of disruption.”

From fear comes great power

Even for the most adventurous among us, change sometimes can seem daunting, even overwhelming. But you already own the tools to overcome the fear that change may initially bring, notes Ryan. “The best antidote to fear is a bold, specific, intentional, committed action,” he writes. “The goal isn’t to stop being afraid. It’s to create the right perspective and muster up the courage to move past fear and make meaningful progress.”


CCH Connections: User Conference 2018 opens October 21 at the Fontainebleau® Miami Beach and runs through October 24. For more information about tax and accounting solutions from Wolters Kluwer, visit


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