Alabama Provides Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Florence

Tax relief is offered to Alabama taxpayers who have been affected by damage caused by Hurricane Florence. The tax relief will mirror IRS measures in the same declared disaster areas.

Filing Date Extensions

The Alabama Department of Revenue will grant filing extensions to taxpayers directly affected by Hurricane Florence. Alabama taxpayers residing in areas designated as disaster areas by the federal government have until January 31, 2019, to file tax returns due on or after September 7, 2018, and before January 31, 2019. Penalty relief will be provided during the extension period.

Taxpayers seeking this Alabama tax relief should write “Florence Relief – 2018” in red ink on any state paper return/report which relies on this filing extension relief. Affected taxpayers filing electronically should contact the department for filing guidance.

Waiver Requests For Areas Not Specifically Designated Disaster Areas

Taxpayers in areas not specifically designated as disaster areas who have difficulty filing on time due to weather-related circumstances associated with Hurricane Florence may be eligible to request a waiver of late-filing and late-payment penalties. Such taxpayers would have to provide appropriate documentation to the department.

The notice can be viewed at

Notice, Alabama Department of Revenue, September 17, 2018

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